Our Clients

Shell Pakistan Limited

  • Electrical Interlocking of pumps at Shell Aviation, Karachi airport
  • Load management at Shell Kemari Installations
  • Electrical interlocking and load reduction at Shell Macheke
  • Load management & installation of energy efficient lights at Shell Pakistan head office
  • Installation of TOD (Time of the day) energy meter at Shell LOBP (lube oil blending plant) Kemari Karachi Recovery or Over paid bills from KESC Rs. 1.62 Million & Rs 0.797 Million Change of tariff from bulk supply (C2) Industrial B3 (TOD) Over all electricity bill came down to Rs 425,000/month¬†from Rs. 670,000/month.
  • Shell Aviation Jinnah terminal reduction of connected load from 1400 kW to 400 kW through interlocking of electrical motors. This matter involved electric inspectorate and legal¬†interpretation of electricity rules. Total benefit was Rs. 600,000 per year.
  • Light & sound level mapping at Shell lube oil blending plant Kemari Karachi.

Clariant Pakistan Limited

  • Load management, installation of TOD meter at Korangi Plant Saving Rs. 3 Million per year.
  • Power Factor management impact Rs. 250,000 per year.
  • Finding over billing by KESC & recovery of over payment from KESC Rs. 1.075 Million were recovered from KESC.

Sitara Chemical Industries Ltd & Sitara Energy Ltd.

  • Cooling tower management.
  • Peak off peak management Energy efficient lighting / removal of unnecessary lights / relocation of area lighting.
  • Predictive maintenance through:
    • Thermography
    • Vibration analysis through vibration accelerometer
    • Ultrasound leakage detection of compressed air / gases
  • Variable speed drives installed at 22 locations.
  • Addition of Harmonic filters in existing 11 kV distribution system
  • Change of TOU tariff for Aziz Fatima hospital & a petrol pump / filling station owned by Sitara Chemical industries. Saving achieved of Rs. 8.4 Million per year.
  • Commissioning of 250 kW variable speed drive as part of energy conservation plan.
  • 132 kV grid station management.
  • Calibration of AC /DC metering system.

Indus Motors Ltd.

  • Energy audit of utilities.
  • Installation of energy efficient lights under implementation.
  • Electricity bills audit.
  • Recovery of Rs. 1.266 Million from KESC.

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust Hospital, Karachi

  • Introduction of electronic ballasts and tri-phosphor coated tube lights for energy conservation and better lights levels.
  • 30% energy saving was achieved in addition to double increase of life of installed tube lights.

Atlas Engineering Ltd.

  • Thermography
  • Energy management
  • Re-insulation of Aluminum furnaces
  • Installation of gas meters on furnaces
  • Rs. 2.06 Million recovery from KESC

Habib Metropolitan Bank Ltd. (183 Branches)

  • Energy audit
  • Selection of air conditioners based on better efficiency
  • Change of tariff
  • Energy management
  • Recovery of overpaid bills from KESC
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Recommendations of air conditioners and energy management for new branches

Makro Habib Pakistan

  • Energy audit
  • Thermography
  • Energy management
  • Resolution of dispute with KESC & recovery from KESC


Atlas Battery Ltd.

  • Power factor improvement
  • Audit of last three years electricity bills
  • Recovery of overpaid bills
  • Thermography
  • Consultancy for improvement of LV distribution system

ASG Metals

  • Supervision of commissioning of 132 kv Grid Station, 50 MVA 132/11 kV transformer
  • Correction of KESC and ASG metals metering system
  • Trouble shooting of initial teething trouble in 11 kV distribution system
  • Thermography
  • Harmonics data for designing of Harmonic filters at ASG metal
  • Power factor management
  • Handling of billing related issues
  • Installation of TOU energy meters
  • Harmonic filter installation at ASG metals plant