Our Clients

Shell Pakistan Limited

  • Electrical Interlocking of pumps at Shell Aviation, Karachi airport
  • Load management at Shell Kemari Installations
  • Electrical interlocking and load reduction at Shell Macheke
  • Load management & installation of energy efficient lights at Shell Pakistan head office
  • Installation of TOD (Time of the day) energy meter at Shell LOBP (lube oil blending plant) Kemari Karachi Recovery or Over paid bills from KESC Rs. 1.62 Million & Rs 0.797 Million Change of tariff from bulk supply (C2) Industrial B3 (TOD) Over all electricity bill came down to Rs 425,000/month from Rs. 670,000/month.
  • Shell Aviation Jinnah terminal reduction of connected load from 1400 kW to 400 kW through interlocking of electrical motors. This matter involved electric inspectorate and legal interpretation of electricity rules. Total benefit was Rs. 600,000 per year.
  • Light & sound level mapping at Shell lube oil blending plant Kemari Karachi.

Clariant Pakistan Limited

  • Load management, installation of TOD meter at Korangi Plant Saving Rs. 3 Million per year.
  • Power Factor management impact Rs. 250,000 per year.
  • Finding over billing by KESC & recovery of over payment from KESC Rs. 1.075 Million were recovered from KESC.

Sitara Chemical Industries Ltd & Sitara Energy Ltd.

  • Cooling tower management.
  • Peak off peak management Energy efficient lighting / removal of unnecessary lights / relocation of area lighting.
  • Predictive maintenance through:
    • Thermography
    • Vibration analysis through vibration accelerometer
    • Ultrasound leakage detection of compressed air / gases
  • Variable speed drives installed at 22 locations.
  • Addition of Harmonic filters in existing 11 kV distribution system
  • Change of TOU tariff for Aziz Fatima hospital & a petrol pump / filling station owned by Sitara Chemical industries. Saving achieved of Rs. 8.4 Million per year.
  • Commissioning of 250 kW variable speed drive as part of energy conservation plan.
  • 132 kV grid station management.
  • Calibration of AC /DC metering system.

Indus Motors Ltd.

  • Energy audit of utilities.
  • Installation of energy efficient lights under implementation.
  • Electricity bills audit.
  • Recovery of Rs. 1.266 Million from KESC.

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust Hospital, Karachi

  • Introduction of electronic ballasts and tri-phosphor coated tube lights for energy conservation and better lights levels.
  • 30% energy saving was achieved in addition to double increase of life of installed tube lights.

Atlas Engineering Ltd.

  • Thermography
  • Energy management
  • Re-insulation of Aluminum furnaces
  • Installation of gas meters on furnaces
  • Rs. 2.06 Million recovery from KESC

Habib Metropolitan Bank Ltd. (183 Branches)

  • Energy audit
  • Selection of air conditioners based on better efficiency
  • Change of tariff
  • Energy management
  • Recovery of overpaid bills from KESC
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Recommendations of air conditioners and energy management for new branches

Makro Habib Pakistan

  • Energy audit
  • Thermography
  • Energy management
  • Resolution of dispute with KESC & recovery from KESC


Atlas Battery Ltd.

  • Power factor improvement
  • Audit of last three years electricity bills
  • Recovery of overpaid bills
  • Thermography
  • Consultancy for improvement of LV distribution system

ASG Metals

  • Supervision of commissioning of 132 kv Grid Station, 50 MVA 132/11 kV transformer
  • Correction of KESC and ASG metals metering system
  • Trouble shooting of initial teething trouble in 11 kV distribution system
  • Thermography
  • Harmonics data for designing of Harmonic filters at ASG metal
  • Power factor management
  • Handling of billing related issues
  • Installation of TOU energy meters
  • Harmonic filter installation at ASG metals plant
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