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Don't let Extra Tax, Further Tax, and Retailer Tax drain your finances. We're here to help you minimize these charges and keep more money in your pocket. With our expertise, you can start seeing significant reductions in your electricity bills immediately. Join countless satisfied customers who have already unlocked substantial savings on their electricity bills. Take control of your finances and contact us today!

Our Mission

To empower businesses through strategic energy management, aiming to optimize energy use, reduce costs, and promote sustainability. We are committed to unveiling and rectifying billing anomalies, harnessing innovative technologies, and providing tailored solutions, thereby enhancing our clients' profitability and advancing a more sustainable future.

Our Services

We offer the following services to our clients
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Energy Audits

A comprehensive review of energy consumption patterns within your organization, helping to identify inefficiencies and opportunities for energy savings.

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Billing Anomaly Detection

Rigorous examination of electricity and gas bills to uncover any potential overcharges or incorrect application of tariffs, leading to substantial cost recoveries.

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Power Factor Improvements

Advisory and implementation services aimed at optimizing your power factor, thereby enhancing operational efficiency, and avoiding penalties.

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Tariff Rationalization

Expert consultation on the appropriate selection and application of electricity tariffs, for maximum cost-effectiveness.

Energy Management Consultancy

Tailored guidance and strategies to manage your energy consumption more effectively and sustainably, leveraging the latest technologies and industry best practices.

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Service charges tailored to your organizational needs

We offer both retainership as well as risk-free engagement where our fees are only applicable upon tangible energy savings, ensuring our interests are firmly aligned with yours.

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Enersave is a leading Energy Service Company (ESCO) in Pakistan dedicated to unveiling substantial savings in energy costs. 

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